Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Expanding business with Wiki, GPS and RFID

A double read up on the article, I would suggest that wiki is a side where business can hardly be conducted such as e commerce. I am not saying it’s not a good site but somehow rather I find there’s no privacy as anyone can do posting and adjustment onto the comments or even news update. It may be a site for education, forum, and even a portal where groups of people come in and have a discussion over some issues such as the webpage, my lecturer used to post up questions for us to answer and discuss. Maybe Wiki could conduct small business where by it concerns more on customer relationships than sales profit.

As for implementing GPS into businesses, its sounds good as it can help transporters to deliver their goods to certain unknown places. If GPS could be used in shopping malls, it could help those that got lost in such huge shopping mall. I once went Ikea, Damansara with my family and no doubt all KL’s shopping malls are quite huge and you can seriously get lost easily. As we was there doing our shopping on furniture, my dad asked me to get some things in his car. My bro and I went to get it and we got lost in the car park as we would find our dad’s car. We went from B2 to B3 to look for it and fearing whether it has been stolen or what. Somehow when we show the ticket to one of the guards, he told us that our car was parked at level B4. So if that moment I have a GPS, I guess all of us wouldn’t had freak out which we would have just find our way back to our car without getting lost.

RFID, I would also suggest the same thing with GPS. Having a system that could detect where your car is locate and park, without getting hazel to look for it. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification as discussed in the article is said to be widely used in the field of logistics where shipment processes and operations could be easily tracked by the use of RFID tags which emits a radio signal to be interpreted by the radio tower which enables details and information of products to be detected. RFID aids businesses as business operations are more organized with the help of RFID technology. If we were to implement it on shopping malls, other than hyper markets, yet to the parking ticket. Whereby a system body will be place inside the shopping mall when one got lost and has no idea where his car is, can just scan through the ticket and it’ll shows you your car location. I guess this might work out as told with GPS paragraph that lots of people tend to get lost in shopping malls and some of the security guards are not as friendly or knowledgeable to be helpful.

Expanding Mobile phones technology in the world of Business

Question C.

I would suggest in expanding mobile phones technology in the world of business. As we all know that current mobile trend which have a wifi, gps, emails, and etc.. Almost everything you could do with the mobile phones, even now, we can watch TV shows on a mobile phone! How awesome is that?

However, according to the article i have read thru about this Mobile phone section, it was told that a study done by the Australian Telecommunication Association(AMTA) that more than half of the employed respondent believes that mobile helps them to balance their family and working life. Now, some businesses are doing advertising thru mobile phones, to save cost and also helps the environment.

No doubt there are still much scams and dishonestly throughout the mobile adverts, come to think of it, by doing mobile ads it could not only bring up the businesses and also building up customer relationship thru convienience. I'm not saying taking those tradisional way of building up customer relationship is a no no, but what if we were to send them updates thru posting and somehow rather the post got lost or misused?

Back in 2005, I bought a mobile phone which contains much useful stuff such as e wallet, e credit card and so on. Back then I was still a kid as I didn't know what the heck was it, but know after learning this subject and knowing what is the use of an e wallet and so on, I really didn't know that how technology grows day by day. With e wallet, people can pay thru phones instead of bringing cash out since the secrurity on the street is terrible. Who knows when will i get rob?!
Exploring the part of E credit card, it's a very personal as it contains password to log in to use your credit card on the phone to pay your bills. Would it be awesome and cool if all your ever have to bring out was just your phone and it helps you do almost everything? On how to use, i seriously don't know as that phone i've dumped it long long time. *how cruel* As i was told that, I just have to key in my credit card number and a code behind my card, send it out to the bank, and it will send back a notification that tells i have swipe the card and i can bring my goods back home without any signature or receipt.

Till now, there's wifi and so on. Since TV phones are out for grabs, why not we take this opportunity for business to create adverts with higher resolutions just like those showed on TV and send them out as emails or attachments to our loyal customers and markets? Without having them to go back and watch TV just on to know what's going on around. Who knows some might just tell you they don't watch tv? For example, Digi users would receive sms and also mms about promotions and rewards. They even send out greetings mms to their loyal customers on festival seasons and sometimes for certain contest.

I find that expanding the mobile phones is a good deal and we could all move into a new era of new techonoly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Paradigm for Business: Mobile-Web 2.0 Technology into Business Processes

Following content are strictly for the subject MIR purpose.*which i'm taking currently*
Miss Vasaki, I'll be combining both ans for (a) & (b) together in one article.
Is that okay?

a) Comment
b) What knowledge you obtain from this article.

First of all, I did not know the existence of Web 2.0, before reading the article that my lecturer gave and asked us to do it for assignment sake*don't deduct ma marks miss >.<*

Alright, let's get to the point! *duh! the main purpose for writing this post*
After reading it, I finally know the existence of Web 2.0 for it's existence purpose in both business world and social. Such as Mashup, where it out source others material into one tools such as a GPS system. Yet, it has few types and the most common type of mashup is the consumer mashup, aimed at the general public. I have came to know that the link that all this information technology can bring into business and also personal lives.

Such as blogs, it may be an online blog for the society yet it can be the most massive business site for anyone wants to do business using the E-commerce way. The same goes for Wiki wetpaint site, I didn't know about this website till my lecturer asked me to use this web for assignment purposed. *hehehe*

It was a not so interesting article to read as I wasn't really into IT. Based on the article, it shown that the power of IT sub merge into the real world. I may not be using the most up-to-date technology but i believe that *as written in the article* the evolution of IT will evolve and boom the world of business! Currently Malaysia is trying to adapt into Web 2.0 as much of the business by those young entrepreneurs are doing their business with the help of Web 2.0.

With the help of GPS, bluetooth and also wireless, it makes business easier to do and convenient for customers to do their groceries shopping as well. Example for GPS system, for certain company they use this system to track down employees whereabouts and also setting their suppliers locations. With the help of wireless connection and mashup, GPS not only enables you to find your way out in an unfimiliar place yet it helps you to track down your loves one whereabouts.

P.S please do comment on it Miss Vasaki. Let me know my mistake. Thanks

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Want new skin

me want new skin for me half abandon blog~~ ^^

but too bad i have yet to format me lappie and install all me software T.T..


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Got Tagged by Lexy...!!!

Oh well.. This is ma first tag ever in ma life, and guess it's from who??
ma lexy sayang... I guess I should have not go into her blog and read...!! XD

The tag that I got tagged to do is..

"Whoever who gets tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her"

Since lexy tagged me for it, and i'm bored now... So i'll do it, even thou no one is gona read it anyway~~ so i can write all bad stuff about her... *evil grin*

Here goes....!!

1. Lexy a.k.a Stella was the 'sweet and decent' girl I met during NS in year 2006 which lives just two streets away from ma old house. Took us long enough to know each other existance!! *grin*

2. Artistic yet material girl i supposed~~

3. One super duper emo kid i have ever known in ma whole life. XD

4. Starbucks craze with me all the time as long as i'm loaded with some cash...!!! One farking realistic girl she is.

5.To me, she seems like a little small tiny cute chubby girl walking down on the road side and sometimes i just love to tease her and felt like making her cry...!!! XD *i know u are going to kill me*

Gee... i'm like so out of idea... another 5 more to go... wait wait wait.. Let me think.

6. The first time I've been to her house, checked out her closet was extreamly full of BLACK colour cloths. Nothing but black... thankgod now she have some other colour in it. XD

7. A girl who doesn't know how to tekan break in her car after she got her license...!!! Thankgod now she know.. If not I also wouldn't want to sit in her car.

8. A girl who are able to support friends who are in need and definately a good friend to have. *too bad if you guys don't know her*

Two more to go...!!!! *pull hair*

9. a rich and spoiled brad? XD

10. A girl who dares me to go down KL for no reason... XD

Here, i am done with it and somehow i need to do another part of it which is...

"The person who got tagged has to write 10 things about himself/herself"

About me??? I'm not sure myself but hey, don blame if you think i'm that like that~

1. Idiotic
4.Starbucks craver
5.Movies goers
6.Stitch lover...!!!!! been getting alot of stitch collection figure nowadays...!!!
7.A figurine fans and working part time painting them thou~~
8.Some farking loyal and loving girlfriend to her boyfriend. XD
9.Owns a brain which loves to think only NEGATIVE thoughts and not positive.
10. Last but not least, a girl who loves all her friends out there...!!!!!

I will now shout....

I Love You All

Seriously i dono who to tag...
So i don think i'll be tagging anyone in here~~
enjoy readin~

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why people like to tell out fake rumourS?
is that funny?

Do they know that it can hurt someone so badly?
Today, I heard someone was asking me and my boy about our status

I was fucking freak out as they said we broke up LONG TIME...

I WAS like.... ETFH which bitch said it and i'll definately make her canot speak for the rest of her life anymore!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

After watching school rumble from youtube....

I wonder what's like to be in a boy and girl mix school....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boring CNY

Another day has passed and i'm still freaking bored...!!!

What have I been doing for the whole freaking day? As I remembered I slept from 3am till 5pm.
I woke up in between but i forced myself back to bed since I have nothing to do much, neither do i wana have negative thoughts about anything...

Am been lurking around in latrly.. Since I'm bored and somehow... I still bored after loitering around in there...!!!

Everyone's busy celebrating CNY and am here blogging...!!!
Today, I will try not to contact him at all since he's been so busy after all..

Wish my luck guys.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Elo year 2009

I'm back again for some reason.
I'm just bored anyway and i have nothing to do at this time of the night where everyone are enjoying themselves with friends and families..

Well... They just went off and I felt so digusted by them.
I seriously don't understand why can people wear a mask so easily and even to family members.
What is the meaning of having a family reunion dinner after all?
I dont see any meaning in it anymore but to get red packets from them.

I didn't even greet my step-grandma, I greeted my boyfriend's family more than my own.
Bad girl, i know, and as always.

I'm seriously so bored here, that's why I blog.
Done with the complaining, here comes a new year for me.

First, wish everyone who reads my blog a happy 'cow' chinese new year... hehehe
Yeah, I know I have abandon my blog again due to some house shifting and busy life(laziness)

This year my resolutions will be a freaking hard one which i know I CAN NVR achieve it.
What is it you ask?

Well, I would love to visit EACH AND EVERY SINGLE CLUBS IN KL.
That's ma 2009 resolution!!!!
Too bad some just ignores me... especially my boy.

Talking about my boy...
I had a tough year with him...
Especially on our 2nd year anniversary...
I couldn't help it but I do felt like letting him go.
Things just went bad to worse all of a sudden and my heart just tell me to let go and my soul ask me to stay.
So what am I going to do???

I've chosen to stay and start a new relationship with him.
Having a new life and leaving all those miserable memories back history...
Sorry but I'm not perfect. I couldn't do that at all.
History and pain haunt me like a ghost.
Day and night I cant get myself out of it...
It hurt so much and sometimes I seriously dono what can i do to get rid of it.

I try to ignore but somehow, when the moon arise... my brain automatically runs the pain program... I'm just so fucking annoyed...!!!!

Now, I told myself to leave things alone and treat myself first than my boy.
I know I'm being selfish but I have no choice.

So, here i'll hope myself to have a brand new love life and wish everyone around the world is happy with what they have.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long time no do posting
Miss posting posts...
The other day, on the 22nd of June, a Sunday
Me and Stella decide one thing to do.
In Jusco.
What are we going to do????
We have decided to watch two movies in a row!
Which are Get Smart & The Incredible Hulk.
We had Get Smart at 1530 & Hulk for 1830.
It was tiring!!!
I was like... My back bone was actually aching!
Now... I kinda felt sick for movies...
But not KL movies or cinemas!
Got fed up of Ipoh's stuff already.
So bad-nya~
I'm going down to KL soon for my Bro's Art Exhibition on the 29th of June.
And again to KL on the 12th of June, my boy's graduation ceremony.
Busy Busy with life here!!!
How can I cope up with my life?!
I'm moving nxt month as well to my (not my but mum's) new house!
There's so many things need to be packed and done!
I'm getting so broke by buying at least a few funitures in Ikea for my new room!
I'm getting a ROOM for me-self~~!!!
*hyperly hyper*
Cant wait to decorate my new room!
but due to the poor-ness I am...
It can hardly be any nice room.
*Trust me*
I'm doing more to the Japanese style..
I'm trying to get some friends to draw on me wall...
Whose interested?!
No payment of coz!